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Mineral Mor is the only thermo-cosmetic company of its kind to introduce an innovative treatment method based on the combination of naturopathic medicine, Chinese medicine and homeopathy. Applying synergistic use of minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and herbs, Mineral Mor's products solve various skin problems that affect many people's quality of life. Unlike the methods of treatment offered by Western physicians and pharmacists, Mineral Mor's products provide an overall, internal, external and nutritional response to the patient's every need.


The combination of scientific and thorough research, production and quality control, the use of the most advanced technologies and the selection of natural and raw materials assures Mineral Mor's customers that the product they are receiving is of the highest quality. The efficacy of the company's products has been demonstrated in an in-depth clinical study at the Dead Sea Research Institute by Dr. Marco Harari, the Director of the DMZ Medical Center, and a worldwide expert in the treatment of skin conditions.


Mineral Mor was founded in 2012 in collaboration with nutritionists, natural medicine specialists and herbalists, led by entrepreneur Guy Lahav, an expert in natural medicine for over 15 years. Mineral Mor aims to help every patient live a healthy, painless and natural life and has made it its goal to create a new reality for its clients' lives.

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