Health Concerns

Find and Treat the Root Cause of Your Skin Condition

A Unique Treatment Method for Skin Conditions: Internal, External and Nutritional Care

Atopic dermatitis symptoms include itchy, inflamed and dry skin. T.M.S.T can help

Seborrhoea symptoms include scaly, itchy, and inflamed skin, which can be treated with the T.M.S.T method

Psoriasis symptoms include red patches of skin and white scales or plaques on the patches. T.M.S.T is here to help.

Acne symptoms include pimples, scars and red bumps. The solution: The T.M.S.T method.

Atopic dermatitis in children is characterized by dry skin, itching and a severe rash. The T.M.S.T method can prevent future outbreaks

Eczema symptoms include a rash, itchy, dry and scaly skin. T.M.S.T is the solution to your problem.

Therapeutic Dermocosmetics

Improving Your Condition from the Very Beginning

A natural treatment for dry, inflamed and reddish skin with immediate results

A treatment for psoriasis and its long-term disappearance

Acne gel cleanser for long-term breakout control

Therapeutic mask for the treatment of oily facial skin

Nutritional Supplements for Restoring Your Body’s Balance

A dietary supplement for the prevention of hair loss and for the strengthening of the hair

A dietary supplement for the prevention and treatment of an enlarged prostate

Calorit - A weight loss dietary supplement

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