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T.M.S.T Cream for Dry, Irritated and Reddish Skin


T.M.S.T cream is a rich therapeutic natural cream that nourishes the face and body. Mineral Mor’s cream was clinically tested and was developed specifically for the means of easing skin irritations and itchiness as well as dryness and redness.

The cream combines concentrated and unique doses of herbs, oils, and minerals that help instantly soothe the skin and restore its natural layer of protection. The cream is absorbed effectively and quickly on the skin and is suitable for infants, children, and adults. The T.M.S.T method is licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Health and in 2013 underwent clinical research at the Dead Sea Research Institute, and was found to be effective in about 85% of cases.

Recommended treatment time: The treatment instantly relieves itchiness. Irritated and reddish skin conditions will significantly improve within a few days of using the cream.

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The cream contains the following :

Glycyrrhiza - an anti-inflammatory plant that encourages healing and tissue regeneration, restores and nourishes damaged mucous membranes.

Aloe Vera - A soothing and nourishing plant that contains moisturizing mucilaginous.

Calendula - an anti-inflammatory plant that contributes to the healing of skin tissue.

Stellaria -  a conditioner that moisturizes the skin, relieves itching, accelerates healing and encourages tissue regeneration.

Comfrey - A herb that contains polysaccharide compounds, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and encourages tissue regeneration.

Squalene - Contains olive oil, helps heal wounds and softens the skin.

100% Vegan

Cruelty Free

Gluten Free

Silicone Free

Paraben Free

Sulfate Free

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)


In order to complete the treatment, it is recommended to avoid bathing for long periods of time since exposure to water dries the skin. It is also recommended to drink plenty of water in order to maintain a balanced water level and it is best to avoid using soaps containing Paraben and SLS.

The recommended diet includes complex carbohydrates such as rye and spelt, whole grains including whole rice and quinoa, and legumes such as lentils of different colors, beans and chickpeas. Furthermore, eating vegetables that contain fluids like cucumbers as well as beta-carotene-rich orange vegetables such as sweet potato and carrots are also good for you. It is recommended to drink plenty of water.

Success Stories

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing me back to life! I was suffering from every possible skin ailment and doctors kept throwing names at me, saying I had psoriasis, eczemas, atopic dermatitis, seborrhoea and what not! I stuck to your treatment plan for a month and rid myself of all my skin conditions!”

Naomi Brenner, 32, Brooklyn, NY

“I’ve been suffering from psoriasis on my hands, legs, ears, and face for the past two years. After trying several different treatments I was introduced to Mineral Mor’s T.M.S.T method. I’ve been using it for a month and am relieved from much of the pain and have no side effects, nor have any of the patches that healed returned to my skin. I can’t even begin to explain what it means to me to live my life without painful patches and sores.”

Matthew Johnson, 21, New York, NY

“I tried several treatments and ointments but none of them worked until I tried Mineral Mor’s method. After following a strict diet for an entire month I am happy to report that I hardly have any painful patches on my skin and it is the most elastic and smooth that it’s been in a very long time. Prior to trying the method, I also suffered from extreme joint pain associated with the disease, which I no longer have. I highly recommend the T.M.S.T method to anyone who suffers from this horrible disease.”

Jennifer Ashley, 27, Philadelphia, PA

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me cure my stubborn acne. I was suffering for years and tried everything, from different ointments to cosmetic procedures, and nothing helped me until I learned about your treatment method.”

Elijah Simon, 24, Baltimore, MD

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1 review for T.M.S.T Cream for Dry, Irritated and Reddish Skin

  1. Jane Nightingale

    “I owe a huge thank you to Guy, who introduced me to this amazing cream that saved my baby’s face!!! I was helpless after our regular physician prescribed him with several ointments that didn’t do anything. That’s until I learned about T.M.S.T’s wonderful cream. After two days there was such a sense of relief on my son’s face and after an intense month of applying the cream, the condition simply disappeared! Incredible!!!”

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