T.M.S.T - Three-Stage Treatment Method for Clean and Healthy Skin

Those of us who tend to suffer from skin diseases describe similar ailments: reddish skin, dryness, rashes, dandruff and more. Treatment methods tend to be symptomatic, so that if you happen to be suffering from a skin condition a dermatologist will prescribe you a cream or ointment. These symptomatic treatments, however, won’t permanently rid you of your condition and in the meanwhile it will only get worse.


The Trio Mineral System Treatment (T.M.S.T) method was developed in the course of three years by Mineral Mor, with the collaboration of nutrition experts, natural health experts and herbalists, led by Guy Lahav, a natural medicine specialist with over 15 years of experience. In 2013, the treatment went through a clinical trial led by Dr. Marco Harari, the Director of the DMZ Medical Center, and a worldwide expert in the treatment of skin conditions. T.M.S.T is a revolutionary solution for skin conditions, treating not only the symptomatic problem but combining an external and internal care regimen reaching the core of the problem. The method helps balance and improve the patient’s immune system, digestive system, liver functioning and more. Only by combining symptomatic and inner care methods will you be able to rid yourself of your skin ailment and get the healthy, clean and radiant skin you deserve.


By applying the method’s three stages (internal, external and nutritional care), the patient’s quality of life is improved significantly as are his or her bodily functions and the improved appearance of their skin condition without them having to worry about relapsing.

Mineral Mor’s T.M.S.T Method Offers a Unique Treatment for Skin Conditions

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