The Clinical Study Results Examining the T.M.S.T Method

In 2012, the developmental phase of Mineral Mor's T.M.S.T method was completed. The method which addresses various skin problems, including psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, seborrhea, and other skin diseases, was then ready for its clinical research phase. People with different skin ailments were recruited for the study carried out at the Dead Sea Research Institute by Dr. Marco Harari, a world-renowned dermatologist and researcher.

As part of the study, patients were asked to complete the treatment for an entire month and to attend four consecutive sessions in which information about their illness was recorded. They also agreed to discontinue any other symptomatic treatments.

Before beginning the study, Dr. Harari drafted a detailed research program ("Research Protocol") explaining the purpose of the study, what steps would be taken to realize its objectives and who is suitable to participate in the study.

  1. No side effects were detected during the study period (5 weeks).
  2. Good to excellent results were achieved with the patients' condition improving overall during treatment.
  3. 75% of patients were classified as "responsive to treatment" and 55% as having "very good results".
  4. No "rebound effect" was found after stopping treatment for one week.
  5. It is advisable to continue treatment until the skin disease has been completely cured.

In fact, one participant in the study participated in the study while already receiving a new drug for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis twice a month. Being treated with the T.M.S.T method during the experiment allowed her to postpone her scheduled injection sessions in two weeks, and she ended up receiving an injection one month after the previous one. According to Dr. Harari in the study protocol, this delay was made possible by the clear improvement of skin wounds, but also by the reduction in joint pain.

Dr. Harari was so impressed with the method that he was even quoted in an interview with Channel 7 as saying that this is the first time he has actually witnessed a treatment that could help people suffering from psoriasis. According to him, the T.M.S.T method "reduces the levels of histamine and inflammatory substances, and as a result, the inflammation and growth of excess skin cells disappear."

Nowadays, the T.M.S.T method provides innovative solutions to treat a variety of skin problems

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