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Seborrhea is an inflammatory skin condition that appears in areas of the body rich in oil-producing glands, including the scalp, face, ears, chest as well as the armpit, groin and under the breasts. Seborrhoea symptoms include scaly, itchy, and inflamed skin. While most patients only receive a symptomatic treatment that is meant to treat the visible condition, the real problem that causes seborrhea to attack the skin is internal.
The T.M.S.T Seborrhoea Treatment Kit addresses the root cause of the problem through a three-stage program – external, internal and nutritional, and is extremely beneficial to those suffering from the disease.

The Trio Mineral System Treatment (T.M.S.T) method was developed in the course of three years by Mineral Mor as a means of discovering the most accurate and effective natural formulas for treating a variety of skin problems. The principle of the T.M.S.T method is to help the patient’s body cope with the disease itself and eliminate its long-term symptoms for several years or for the rest of the patient’s life. The T.M.S.T method is licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

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Contents : Each kit includes a 30-day three-stage treatment: internal, external and nutritional.

Recommended treatment time : The kit includes a three-stage treatment: internal, external and nutritional. T.M.S.T treatment time depends on the severity of the disease. The average treatment time is 3 months, after which the patient’s seborrhea will be eradicated for a long term period or several years, or even for the rest of their lives.

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Three-Stage Seborrhea Treatment Plan

First Stage: Internal Treatment Using Nutritional Supplements

The internal T.M.S.T treatment contains four jars of nutritional supplements that work on several major body systems that are unbalanced by the disease. These are the digestive, immune and liver systems. Balancing these defective systems and improving the body's systemic functioning will give the patient a healthy, seborrhea-free lifestyle.

1. T.M.S.T - Natural Tablets Jar

A formula that combines herbs, vitamin A, vitamin E, and zinc. The formula works to improve the function of the digestive and liver systems, to cleanse the liver, to balance the nervous system, to reduce metabolic load and to delay inflammatory processes.

Quantity in one kit : One jar

Capacity : 90 capsules

Kosher : Mehadrin Rabbi Rubin

2. T.M.S.T 3 - Fatty Acid Jar

T.M.S.T 3These three T.M.S.T fatty acids assist in the regulation and mitigation of inflammatory processes that characterize seborrhea. Fatty acid, or EPA, is known to significantly lower levels of leukotrienes (inflammatory agents). In addition, studies have shown that high doses of EPA improve the skin's condition and reduce the severity of seborrhea.

Package quantity : 2 jars

Contents : 90 gel soft capsules in each jar

3. T.M.S.T VC - Ascorbic Acid Jar

T.M.S.T T.M.S.T VC, or ascorbic acid, is essential for proper collagen production, skin damage repair and tissue build-up, as well as for healing wounds and reducing the incidence of skin infections. In addition, ascorbic acid acts as an extremely powerful antioxidant, which neutralizes free radicals of oxygen and toxic metals, strengthens and supports the immune system and improves the body's ability to cope with stressful situations, stress, and anxiety.

Quantity in kit : One jar

Capacity : 30 ml

4. T.M.S.T - Liquid Extract

The T.M.S.T Liquid extract contains a combination of vitamins and minerals that work together through various metabolic and mental balance mechanisms, supplementing nutritional deficiencies and healthy neural transmission.

Package quantity : One bottle with a medicine dropper

Capacity : 30 ml

Second Stage: External Treatment Using Natural Cream

The T.M.S.T Cream is a natural cream that combines concentrated and unique doses of herbs, oils, and minerals. The cream nourishes, restores, protects and soothes the skin and is absorbed effectively on the skin.

The cream contains the following :

Glycyrrhiza - an anti-inflammatory plant that encourages healing and tissue regeneration, restores and nourishes damaged mucous membranes.

Aloe Vera - A soothing and nourishing plant that contains moisturizing mucilaginous.

Calendula - an anti-inflammatory plant that contributes to the healing of skin tissue.

Stellaria - a conditioner that moisturizes the skin, relieves itching, accelerates healing and encourages tissue regeneration.

Comfrey - A herb that contains polysaccharide compounds, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and encourages tissue regeneration.

Squalene - Contains olive oil, helps heal wounds and softens the skin.

Capacity : 2 units, 100 ml in a bottle.


Third Stage: Recommended Nutrition Plan

A poor diet rich in simple sugars, trans fat, processed and canned foods and an increased consumption of dairy products may worsen the condition of your seborrhea.

The recommended diet for seborrhea patients includes complex carbohydrates such as rye and spelt, whole grains including whole rice and quinoa, and legumes such as lentils of different colors, beans and chickpeas. Furthermore, eating vegetables that contain fluids like cucumbers as well as beta-carotene-rich orange vegetables such as sweet potato and carrots are also good for you. It is recommended to drink plenty of water.

The T.M.S.T kit is accompanied by a nutritional treatment plan that lists the recommended food groups you should be eating.


It is recommended you avoid allergenic foods that promote the release of histamine, which exacerbates the level of inflammation in the body, impairs the normal functioning of the liver and increases the symptoms of seborrhea.

It is recommended that you avoid contact with chemical detergents.

Success Stories

"I suffer from seborrhoea characterized by skin flakes, reddish skin, and itchy skin. It used to come and go until I started using Mineral Mor’s solution. Today, my face is finally clear and it’s all thanks to you!"

Ella Johnson, 39, Cleveland, OH

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing me back to life! I was suffering from every possible skin ailment and doctors kept throwing names at me, saying I had psoriasis, eczemas, atopic dermatitis, seborrhoea and what not! I stuck to your treatment plan for a month and rid myself of all my skin conditions!"

Naomi Brenner, 32, Brooklyn, NY

"My mother is 90 years old and couldn’t walk due to her skin’s horrible condition. We tried the cream and the supplements and she’s now walking again! Thank you so much."

Michelle Cohen, Baltimore, MD

"The therapy helped me a lot! The redness from my face has almost completely disappeared and so have the red patches. Thanks a million!"

Sheila Perry, 45, Queens, NY

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