White Wheat and Alcohol: The Connection Between Nutrition and Skin Conditions

If you ever thought there might be a connection between the food you eat, your daily habits and your mood, you weren’t wrong. The impact a person’s nutrition and diet…

When Your Hormones Are Racing but So Is Your Acne: About the Connection Between the Two

There isn’t one person alive who hasn’t had a pimple or huge zit appear right in the center of their face precisely before they were about to head out on…

Skin: The Mirror of Your Body’s State

If there is one organ in our bodies that can’t easily be ignored, it’s our skin. The skin covers the entire surface of our body, protecting and nourishing the tissues…

Enlarged Prostate: Solutions for Male Menopause

It seems that women aren’t the only ones going through menopause. Male menopause or andropause is now the study of many researches. These age-related changes in men impact hormonal levels…

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